WPPO 37'' Diy Wood-Fired Pizza Oven Kit With SS Flue And Black Door


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You are about to buy the most advanced wood-fired pizza oven kit on the market. For excellent quality and performance, no other oven compares to the WPPO Tuscany DIY. In just 5 hours, you can build your own wood-fired pizza oven with this DIY kit. The following items are included in the kit:

  • Castable refractory clay oven
  • Flue
  • Steel slab base (preassembled only)
  • Steel subfloor
  • One pizza paddle
  • Refactory brick floor
  • One recipe book
  • One powder-coated oven door
  • One oven stand (preassembled only)
  • Assembly instructions (DIY only)

Kitchen tin foil, a measuring tape, sponge, tin snipes, a sharp knife, a trowel, a spirit lever, and a float for rendering are all required instruments. To finish your project, you'll also need the following materials: three 44 pounds (20 kg) buckets of yellow "brickies" sand, one 44 pounds (20 kg) bucket of "Brickies Lite Cement" (lime), one 44 pounds (20 kg) bag of broken granite, and 1.5 pints (800 ml) Bondcrete to be added to the final mix.


  • Food Safe
  • Superior quality and performance
  • We recommend allowing 5 hours to build


  • Dimensions: 37" wide x 38" deep x 23" high
  • Weight: 600 lbs
  • Finish: Cement
  • Material: Cement