How to clean your fridge properly ?


How to clean your fridge properly?

A fridge is one of the valuable home appliances in your kitchen to store the food. To ensure that it is safe for food storage, it must be cleaned from to time. Some steps should be followed and special precautions are taken into account while cleaning your fridge. In this article, you will learn to clean your fridge properly and safely.  Let’s get started.


Steps to clean your fridge properly

  1. Take all food items out

First of you should empty your fridge by taking the entire food items out of the fridge. Ensure that all the things are removed that will help you to retain something and discard the waste.

  1. Transfer the perishable item to the freezer

Perishable food items like pork, raw chicken, milk, etc. need to be transferred to the cooler or freezer while cleaning the fridge. That will help you to save the food item from wastage.

  1. Clean the food items

Once you have emptied the fridge, it's time to clean the food content of the fridge that has been taken out. Wash and wipe the bottom of all the items and any drip on the sides carefully.

  1. Time to clean the inside of the fridge

If possible, remove the shelves and drawers. Avoid using hot water inside as it will increase the temperature. Use a solution of sterilizing solution with hot water and wipe the inside. Then spray the inside of the fridge by sterilizing solution containing vinegar and water. Let it soak for some time and use cotton to clean grooves on the interior side of the fridge. Move towards washing the drawers and shelves.

  1. Wash drawers and shelves

Wash salad drawers removed from the bottom of the fridge. Besides the drawers, don’t forget to wash the removable shelves as well. It's better to read the user manual or company website for the safe cleaning of the drawers and shelves. It is advisable to wash them with washing liquid and hot water. Remove food residue with toothpicks from drawers and shelves, rinse with water, and dry them.

  1. Return the food content

Once the inside of the fridge, shelves, and drawers are dried, put them back. Next, place the cleaned food items at their respective places.

  1. Clean the exterior side of the fridge

Now clean the outer surface including the handle and door. Use the sterilizing solution for a hygienic clean and a towel for drying.


Things required:

Things that you need to clean the fridge are as follows:

  • Disposable gloves
  • Sterilizing solution
  • Paper towels or pads
  • Trash bags
  • Cooler


Things to remember when cleaning the fridge:

  • Don’t use hot water inside the fridge as it will increase the temperature
  • Use paper towels to dry the inside of the fridge
  • Clean the fridge with a sterilizing solution
  • Allow fridge to cool below 5°C before replacing the food items
  • Read user manual or company website for special precautions



This is all about deep cleaning your fridge to keep food items safe and healthy. Cheer up and follow the steps properly while cleaning your fridge.