4 advantages of having a steam oven at home

Do you already know all the benefits of using a steam oven for cooking? Due to its numerous benefits, this method, which has been utilised for millennia, has just come to light. No, it is not just used to create "diet" food; it also helps you maximize your meal's nutritional value. For this reason, a steam oven is becoming a more popular kitchen appliance. Let us go through some more justifications with you.


A steam oven and its advantages, we tell you about them


As we previously said, the main benefit of steam ovens is that the food cooked in them keeps all of its natural qualities, including colour, texture, and nutrition. Since no fat is required for cooking, the food is considerably healthier and easier to digest, making it a highly respectful culinary approach for both the product and your body. Because the food is cooked uniformly, the chance of overcooking is also reduced.



As you are aware, there are multifunction ovens with additional steam as well as multifunction ovens that use just steam. With 100% steam ovens, you can cook food without adding fat while maintaining all of its nutritional value (you can cook in a 100% steam environment up to 100°C, with added steam, or only in traditional modes), while the "steam" function added" combines traditional cooking with additional steaming to add moisture at three different intensities throughout the baking process. This results in crispy and golden food on the outside and tender and juicy on the inside.

Select the solution you want for your kitchen and take advantage of the flexibility they provide.


Fits in any kitchen


Are you concerned that your kitchen won't have enough room for your future steam oven? It shouldn't be that way; that's why we provide ovens in 60 and 45 centimetre sizes so that the benefits of steam may reach your meals regardless of the available area. You may now start considering where you'll install it!


Cook for you

The Assist feature on steam ovens provides pre-programmed meals that they will cook for you. Simply input the meal into them, and they will suggest alterations based on the recipe. Accept them and let them do their jobs; you'll be able to enjoy delectable meals almost effortlessly.