4 Front Load Washer Tips

Would you buy a cell phone without knowing its features? Do you care if your TV is 4K? Is it enough for your laptop to open Word? Not true? Well, so does the washing machine. They are not all the same, neither for price nor for features. Therefore, we are going to give you some tips so you can choose the model that best suits your needs.




First things first. Depending on your budget, so will your washing machine. Spending 250 euros is not the same as spending 1000. The basic models will simply comply, but you won't be able to ask them for complex programs, energy savings, or quality of manufacture like that of all EVVO washing machines.




Here, the question is whether you prefer a front-loading or a top-loading washing machine. The vast majority of those sold in Spain are front-loading because they are more efficient, have more capacity, and allow greater rotations. Uppers are very popular in the US, but we don't recommend them other than the convenience of not having to bend over. Among the front-loading models, you can choose a normal or integrable model like the EVVO I8W with a capacity of 8 kg, up to 1,400 rpm, and A+++ energy efficiency.



That a washing machine costs little is good for your pocket and the environment. It is very important to choose a model that has the highest energy efficiency defined by the European Union. The scale goes from A to G. Class A (green color) is the most efficient and class G (red color) the least. Nowadays, many models reach Class A, so one, two, or three + symbols are added depending on their efficiency. All EVVO washers are class A+++, but as we want to go further, we have managed to reduce consumption even further: 10% on our 3.9, 3.9x, and i8W models and up to 30% on 3.10.



Washing for one is not the same as washing for four, so you should choose the model based on its load capacity. Until now, manufacturers said that a 6-kilogram washing machine was enough for two or three people; for a family of three or four, a model weighing 7 or 8 kilos was enough; and for more than four they recommended a device weighing 9 kilos or more. The normal thing is that the more capacity, the more expensive the washing machine is. Those over 8 kilos usually cost more than 600 euros. EVVO washers have Smart Consumption, an innovative technology that adapts to the load to reduce consumption if the quantity is greater or less, both for washing pants and for all the comforters in your home. THE EVVO 3.10, for example, supports up to 10 kilos, has smart consumption but doesn't cost 600 euros, but 399.




A very important resource. The faster the speed, the drier the clothes come out, although it is not always advisable to use maximum power, it depends a lot on the fabrics or program you choose.



The quality of your washing machine components will not only mark its effectiveness, but also its durability. the top-of-the-line models on the market are equipped with inverter motors, which are more durable, less noisy, reduce consumption and have greater load capacity. Most of these models exceed 500 euros, but with EVVO you can have a washing machine with an inverter motor from 359 euros.



Because not all clothes are the same and because they never get the same dirty, it is important that your washing machine has several programs. Our models include some such as: Baby Care, Jeans, Wool, Synthetics, Quick (wash in 15 minutes), among others.



Can't a washing machine have a beautiful design? Our 3 and 4 series have an extra-large black door and a stylish control panel.