Advantages of a Charcoal Oven

Many restaurants and catering companies who use the oven to produce part of their food are worried about the high electrical costs that come with it. The fact is that it isn't for less, especially with the recent rises we've seen. But what if we told you there was a way to save money while also improving the flavour of your meals?

We haven't gone insane, nor have we developed anything new. It's a solution that's been around for a long time, but you've probably never considered it. We're not talking about anything more or less than setting up a charcoal oven in your establishment.

What are charcoal ovens, exactly? You could be thinking... They're like a cross between industrial ovens and barbeque grills, but with a few more features. They do not need gas or electricity to operate; the taste and juiciness of food cooked in these ovens are much more intense; they are designed so that smoke does not pervade the kitchen, or the high temperatures suffocate the crew.


Discover our range of charcoal ovens and prepare your dishes with the most traditional flavour


The charcoal ovens, of course, must be mentioned. There is a large selection of ovens as well as accessories for industrial ovens. You may select from a variety of sizes, shapes, powers, materials, and even colours. Everything to ensure that your company has a charcoal oven that is tailored to its requirements.

Whether you require a grilled chicken oven or a traditional grill oven, we suggest going with top-quality steel or stainless steel. Why? Because of the many advantages that your new charcoal oven will provide to your restaurant, you will also benefit from the ease of maintenance and cleaning that these materials give.


What are the advantages of a charcoal oven? We tell you!


So, what exactly are those many advantages of a charcoal oven that we keep mentioning? Apart from energy savings, using a charcoal oven or one of our industrial grilled chicken ovens has the following advantages:


  • A much more traditional flavor and absolute juiciness in all your dishes.
  • A saving in cooking time, since these ovens heat up faster than other industrial ovens.
  • A more homogeneous cooking and a quite appetizing aroma in all foods.
  • More sustainability and less pollution in your business, since these ovens can use charcoal as fuel.
  • Easier and faster maintenance and cleaning thanks to the materials with which these ovens are usually made.