Advantages of having industrial sinks and dishwashers in your business

Certain pieces of equipment must be present in any hotel establishment: a refrigerator, a functional stove, a reliable smoke extractor. We may go down the list in order of significance until we get to the less common, but equally important, utensils. We are certain, however, that industrial sinks and dishwashers must be included in this list.


You may certainly complain right now, saying things like, "I don't need a dishwasher since my company isn't very large," or "at my restaurant, we get by with a tiny sink that was previously put on the grounds." But pause for a moment! In the hotel sector, hygiene is critical; the health of clients is dependent on it to some degree, and we can only be sure of giving perfect service if we have hotel equipment that assists us in this work.




Instead of talking about different kinds of industrial sinks, it's more realistic to speak about different combinations of professional sinks, since each model is tailored to the specific demands of organisations. For example, installing an industrial stainless steel sink with a bottom storage area for dishes would be appropriate in kitchens where space is at a premium. Vast sinks with several tanks, on the other hand, may fit better in large places with a high volume of work to improve agility.

There are also stainless steel sinks with drainers, steel sinks with room for a professional dishwasher, and sinks that can be changed and fitted to an uneven surface. If you've noticed, we always promote stainless steel sinks. When it comes to cleanliness, stainless steel is one of the most sanitary materials available today.



World's best bars and eateries! To eradicate germs from plates and glasses that must be reused, having a glasswasher or a dishwasher for hotels is now the most recommended solution. However, this isn't the only reason why you should install an industrial glasswasher or dishwasher in your kitchen. Yes, you can wash your dishes with a catering sink, if you think about it. However, how long does it take your personnel to do the task? What if the dishes pile up on a busy day and you have to keep your visitors waiting?

On the other hand, if you employ a professional glass or dishwasher in your company, we have further benefits to discuss. The significant water savings, the detergent savings, the lack of noise, and, since it includes the drying of your dinnerware, the time and space savings.




We suggested stainless steel sinks at the start of this post not only because it is a highly sanitary material, but also because it is simple to clean and maintain. Keep the following tips in mind when cleaning a steel or stainless steel kitchen sink.

- Be cautious of acidic items (those with a pH of less than 7) and chlorides (salts and lyes).

- To keep your stainless sink clean, use degreasers. The most common cleaning solution is degreasers.

- Before using a disinfectant to clean an industrial stainless steel sink, consider using other items first, since disinfectants do not clean themselves.

Now, keep in mind that the easiest method to ensure that industrial sinks are always available is to do regular maintenance.