All the dishwasher programs and functions you need to know

Electrical appliances make our lives simpler, and some of them, like the dishwasher, have become another member of the family that assists us with the rhythm of regular life. We will explain all of the programs and functions of the dishwasher so that you can make an informed purchase, which is helpful whether you are planning to install one in your home soon or are considering replacing your current dishwasher with a newer model that has more features. If either of these scenarios applies to you, read on.


Quick programs for everyday


Dishwashers are intended to hasten the everyday cleaning process, make it simpler to maintain a clean and organised kitchen, and facilitate the availability of clean and dry utensils and tableware at all times.

  • Program 1 hour. Dishes may be completely cleaned, dried, and ready to use in under an hour when you use a dishwasher. The outcomes will be spotless.
  • Quick program 45ºC. programme that washes dishes at a temperature of 45 degrees Celsius, but it only runs for a total of thirty minutes. Because of this, it is best suited for loads of dishes that are not very soiled.


With the SpeedPerfect + function for extra speed

The SpeedPerfect Plus feature, which is included in certain dishwasher models and cuts the time needed for the washing cycle by up to 65 percent, is an excellent tool for adding additional speed to your cleaning programs appliance.


Intensive program for deep cleaning



You can select the intensive program in your dishwasher to obtain immaculate crockery whether you have held a banquet in your home or if you have devoted the weekend to preparing the menu for the upcoming week. This is the case regardless of whether or not you have dedicated the weekend to preparing the menu for the upcoming week. The wash can reach temperatures of up to 70 degrees Celsius and is effective in removing all traces of filth.


With the Hygiene Plus function for extra cleaning

If you are interested in a more thorough cleaning, the Hygiene Plus feature is available to you. This function boosts the temperature peak during the last washing stage, killing 99.99 percent of germs and mites.


Automatic program and silence, for efficient consumption


When we consider turning on the dishwasher, we also consider how much energy it will use and what we can do to reduce the amount of money we will have to pay for power at the end of the month without giving up using the dishwasher.

  • Automatic program. It is recommended for daily and weekly mixed loads of meals that don't call for a particular program. The dishwasher's automated program continuously optimises outcomes by monitoring the level of dirtiness during washing and rinsing and adjusting the pressure, temperature, and water volume required. Every wash cycle should be as effective and efficient as possible.
  • Silence program. If you utilise the quiet program of your dishwasher, which is advised to function at night, the noise level or the end-of-cycle signal will either be eliminated entirely or decreased to an acceptable level, which means that your monthly power cost will no longer be an issue.