At what height should the kitchen extractor hood be placed?

That is an excellent question. When it comes to creating a proper installation, the height of an extractor hood is one of the most critical measurements to consider. However, there is a snag: we cannot provide you with a single figure. There are various options available based on the plate and the style of the hood. We will not, however, allow you to go away empty-handed..


Ideal heights to install extractor hoods


As we said at the outset, failing to respond to the question of what height the kitchen hood is installed implies, like so many other times in the world of electrical equipment, leaving the question unanswered entirely. Because there is no unified value, there is no definite and precise response to this question.

What is it that this issue is dependent on? Well, it all depends on the sort of range hood you've picked for your kitchen, as well as its technical specifications. Detailed information on the recommended height for each kitchen hood may be found in the technical data sheets and instruction manuals accompanying each model. If you want to use gas hobs instead of induction hobs, we can inform you that attractive hoods should be fitted at the height of 55 cm. Also, the height of the power outlet for your extractor hood is something that many people are concerned about when selecting this new appliance when they get down to business. It is rational since everything must be flawless to succeed. However, we must emphasize that no two kitchens are alike and that it is better to leave the subject in the hands of professionals.


Decorative tubes for extractor hoods ?


Finally, you've mastered the critical subject matter that brought you to this post. Congratulations! Once you have answered some of your concerns concerning the height of your kitchen hood, you can move on to other considerations, such as the possibility of adding ornamental tubes into your design. It may be a distinguishing feature in the design, albeit it is only visible on the vertical and inclined hoods and the standard hoods.