Can you have a mixed gas and induction hob in the kitchen?

To get the most out of your cooking, you should have both a gas and an induction stove in your kitchen. Anesthetic point of view: It looks good together and gives any home its unique look. And when it comes to cooking, having both gas and induction quickly is a luxury. Did you not know that this could happen? We will talk about it below.


Why an induction hob?


The reason why it is so good is that it is so fast, safe, and accessible. Without a doubt, one of the best chances in the kitchen. Induction hobs are very easy to use. As we told you, they're also very safe. As an example, the heat is sent right to the base of the container. It means that the glass doesn't get as hot as it would in a ceramic hob, and it doesn't take as long to cool down. Another essential thing to note is that food doesn't burn on the glass, and there is also a particular cleaning function that stops the control for 20 seconds while the kitchen is on so that you can clean up spilled liquids.

It is essential because induction uses 75 percent of its energy to make heat. Ceramic hobs use only about 25 percent of this energy to create heat. It means that the heater will heat up very quickly and save a lot of money on energy bills and electricity use. It is thought that the reduction will be 20%.


Why use a gas hob?


The gas plates still have a big market. It is the best type for many cooks, especially those who like to cook slowly and use clay pots. However, gas hobs have long since stopped being called old. It now has a lot more sophistication because of things like this:

There are gas hobs made of vitroceramic glass black that can withstand very high temperatures much better, making them safer to use.

As for tempered glass, black or metallic glass gives your kitchen a unique look that blends technology with all the good things about cooking with gas.

There's even no need to say that gas hobs can be fast and efficient. They only emit about 200 grams of CO2 for every kWh. There is no longer a problem because of new technology. All Siemens gas hobs come with stepFlame, which lets you control the power of the flame with a level of precision you've never seen before. People used to play with power control in the past. It's now a thing of the past. What's more, it has a control system that can get the same level of precision as an induction hob can.


And a mixed gas and induction hob?


Considering everything we've talked about, wouldn't it be great to have both technologies in the kitchen? Domino plates are great for people who don't know which type of hob to get. They're great for people who don't know which one to get.

It is a less-known option in kitchen design, but it has a lot of benefits that need to be looked at. Mainly, the modular hobs allow you to make the cooking zone as big or small as you'd like. If you want to cook something in a wok, you can use a gas module and a professional grilling plate together. You can also use a smaller induction hob with smaller ones. The hardest part is always going to be making the right choice.