Choosing a Chest Freezer

A chest freezer is an excellent equipment for keeping food fresh and in great shape for an extended period of time. It is a vital product in practically all hospitality enterprises because of its big capacity, but it is also highly recommended for those who have a large family. In this post, we'll go over the many kinds of chests available on the market and the considerations that should be considered while selecting one.


Choosing the right type of chest freezer



The first thing to remember when purchasing a chest freezer is that there are two types: vertical and horizontal. We will point out the distinctions between these two kinds as specialists in the selling of hospitality sales equipment. It will be more cost-effective to purchase one model than another, depending on the function and usage that we intend to give it.


Horizontal chest freezer

We suggest a huge chest freezer for companies or individuals who need to store a considerable quantity of food or drink, and horizontal models provide this service effectively.

Although a horizontal chest freezer consumption is somewhat greater than that of a vertical chest freezer, those who want to conserve as much energy as possible can go for an A+++ chest freezer, which saves up to 60% of the average consumption.


Upright chest freezer


The vertical chest freezer is ideal for tiny areas or for families or companies looking to expand their refrigerator's capacity. It's ideal for ice cream parlours or cafés who want to showcase their ice cream, as well as customers who only buy once a month. The tiny chest freezer, without a doubt, uses less energy than the horizontal one.


Types of lids for chest freezers A+++

The sliding lids are convenient since they open and shut with a single motion. They are durable and maintain the inside temperature well. They may be used in all sorts of freezers.

Glass lids are beautiful, and pastry shops often employ this style since it enables customers to view the range of items on exhibit. Because of their high security quality, hinged doors are particularly appropriate for vertically opening goods.


How to choose a chest freezer

Perhaps you've seen a lot of models in our freezer inventory and aren't sure which one is best for you.

It's crucial to consider where we're going to put this chest freezer. The size of the chest will influence the model to choose and whether to get a horizontal or vertical chest.

We should also consider what features we want our freezer to include. Quick freezing is advantageous in the hospitality industry since it enables us to freeze a product quickly, reducing processing delays.

Finally, we propose that you consider the energy usage and technical specifications of the chest freezer you want to purchase.


Tips for buying a good chest freezer


Because the chest is a product that will last for many years, we suggest taking the time to choose the one that best meets our demands. These gadgets are simple to clean since all we need is water and a neutral substance to sterilise both the inside and outside.

The most important things to remember to avoid making errors are to verify the chest's dimensions and make sure it fits in the area designated for its installation, to choose well-known brands, and to consider the usable capacity so that goods can be loaded without difficulty.

To be able to establish the ideal temperature for each sort of food that we wish to preserve, we must make sure that the appliance we choose has an adjustable temperature feature. Because we will be able to manage the degrees of cooling based on how filled the chest is, it will operate better and use less energy.

On the other hand, we suggest selecting a model with a superior No Frost defrosting mechanism to avoid having to defrost the item on a regular basis.