Clothes that should never be washed in the washing machine

When it comes to caring for the goods we love most, a certain amount of care is essential. Here we describe which items should never be cleaned in the washing machine and how they should be handled instead. In addition, some advice to minimize wearing out your clothing.


Types of garments that demand additional care


Knitted and wool sweaters


Ripped/stretched materials and shrinkage are frequent outcomes when cashmere and wool are machines cleaned. Wash these clothing by hand to prevent rips, tears and/or deformations:

  1. Put some liquid dish soap into the water that's in the bucket once it's been filled up.
  2. Place the object in the water, flip it over once it's there, and then let it soak for a half an hour.
  3. Drain and repeat the process until the water is clear.
  4. Avoid squeezing the object since doing so may cause it to become misshapen.



This kind of fabric is usually cleaned via dry cleaning, which is done in a dry cleaner. On the other hand, you may clean these things by hand at home if you want to. Stay away from anything that might cause shrinking, deformity, or other harm.

  1. Make use of ice cold water and a gentle cleanser.
  2. When drying your garments, be sure you hang them up, but don't leave them in direct sunlight for too long since this might cause the colour to fade.



When the straps and band rotate with the rest of the weight, they run the risk of being stretched out and losing their original form. Bras should be washed by hand and dried on a level surface if at all feasible; hanging them causes them to get stretched out.


Formal clothing


Even if the substance of this fabric could be safe for washing machines, it is still not a good idea to put your suit, jacket, or pleated skirt in the washing machine since it can cause them to become misshapen. Instead, take these items to a reputable dry cleaner to get them cleaned.


Embellished clothing


There is a strong likelihood that anything from sequins sewed on to elaborate pieced needlework can catch other objects in your washer, and there is even a potential that it could snag the machine itself. You should rather take these items to the dry cleaners, alternatively you could:

  1. Wash them by hand using a small bit of warm water and a gentle detergent.
  2. Give the things a good shake until they get foamy.
  3. They should be allowed to sit for twenty minutes before being drained, rinsed (without being squeezed), and then dried.

Take care not to overdo the washing, regardless of what you're doing. Without your knowledge, the wear and tear on an article of clothing may be caused by washing it more often than is required.