Did you know you need to clean the washing machine?

The duty of cleaning the washing machine is one that many people overlook. However, if you want your equipment to maintain operating well and last a long time, you must take some measures. One of them is this.

Cleaning the washing machine ensures that your clothing is clean, since it removes filth that has collected over time, such as lint and soap residue. This damages the fabric of the clothing when they are being washed in the machine.

As a result, it's critical to remember to clean the washing machine or washer and dryer on a regular basis. So, how about learning how to provide this care in the proper and safe manner?


How to clean a washing machine?


First and foremost, a cleaning schedule must be established. Every month is the suitable timeframe. But don't be alarmed; this simple procedure requires little effort. If you don't wash your garments very regularly, this time will vary as well.

In fact, newer machine types are equipped with their own washing capability. If this is the case with your appliance, just follow the on-screen directions. Otherwise, we'll show you how to clean your gadget properly:


Use bleach

To begin, be certain that no clothing has been left in the washing machine. Fill the appliance to full, set the lengthy cycle, and add a litre of bleach or bleach. Other chemicals should be avoided since they may harm the appliance's functioning.

Then, once the machine has completed the whole lengthy cycle, empty it fully, and it is ready to accept a fresh batch of clothing, wait for it to finish the cycle. However, avoid wearing dark or stain-resistant clothing since remnants of the substance may still be present.


Use vinegar and baking soda


If you don't want to use bleach or bleach, another option is to clean the washing machine using vinegar and baking soda.

Similarly, with the water level at its highest and the cycle running, add a litre of vinegar. Stop the cycle after 30 minutes and add a cup of baking soda. Allow the materials to react for another half hour with the appliance turned off before washing again. After the gadget has entirely emptied, it is ready to use.


And the cleaning on the outside?

It's also a good idea to clean the exterior of your washing machine to keep it looking nice. You may do this by making a solution with bleach or vinegar and baking soda.

Simply apply with a cloth to the exterior of the washing machine and wait 15 minutes for it to work. Clean the area with water once that time has passed to remove the solution. There's no need to rub.


I did the cleaning and the clothes still come out with residue, now what?


In this situation, your washing machine's "symptoms" signal that it may be facing issues that only home cleaning may resolve. The dirt layer between the drum and the device's frame may be rather deep, resulting in garments with black residues or "lint."

It's time to call in an expert if something occurs to your washing machine! The procedure is straightforward with BH's technical aid. After all, we want to fix your issue quickly and painlessly so you can relax.