Differences between an integrated or panel dishwasher

You should be aware of your alternatives if you're sick of washing your dishes by hand or if your dishwasher broke and you need to get a new one but aren't sure which one to choose.

Your friends from Balay are here to assist you, so to help you pick the dishwasher that best meets your requirements, we will explain what a panel-mount dishwasher is and how it differs from a built-in dishwasher.

Since it has been popular for a few years to directly "hide" appliances in the kitchen so that they are not apparent, market trends have eliminated the option of panelling equipment, thus we do not offer panel-mounted dishwashers in our catalogue. everything lot more aesthetically pleasing and cohesive. Although we are certain that we will persuade you in the end, we will still describe the differences between the two.

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What is a panel dishwasher?


Dishwashers that are integrated and panel-style have some similarities and some variances. Dishwashers that are panel mounted are really free-standing appliances that may be installed anywhere in the kitchen.

A panel-mount dishwasher, as opposed to a typical free-standing dishwasher, has the advantage of allowing you to place the ornamental panel you desire on your door, making it less noticeable in the kitchen.

As its name implies, panel-mount dishwashers combine a nice visual presence with a free-standing dishwasher's simplicity of installation.

However, unlike built-in dishwashers, controls on panel-mounted dishwashers will always be visible, preventing a complete integration with the rest of the kitchen furniture. Therefore, if you want your kitchen to have unmatched aesthetics, we advise choosing built-in dishwashers since they are visually the best option to ensure that everything is completely synchronised with the rest of the furniture.


What is a free-standing dishwasher?

Utilizing the open areas in the kitchen, this sort of device is placed separately and independently.

In light of this, it might be claimed that they are models that we can install everywhere as long as there is a drain and a water input.

Our free-standing dishwashers, like the built-in dishwashers, have the best technologies, so you do not have to wash by hand day after day, thanks to the incredible research work regarding innovation in washing and savings. However, visually they do not blend in as well with the rest of the furniture. Additionally, we offer a variety of free-standing dishwasher types with doors that are either steel or white, a width of 60 cm or 45 cm, and automated programs that can be customised to suit any demand.


Differences between an integrated and free-standing dishwasher


The purpose of an integrated dishwasher is to be concealed within a kitchen cabinet. They lack a top cover, side finishes, or front finishes since they won't be seen. Once installed, it is totally invisible.

On the other hand, a free-standing dishwasher is made to be put alone, as we've previously explained, thus its outside is totally completed in terms of aesthetics, with a lid, side, and door of a certain colour.

The difference between the two is that the free-standing ones can be installed in any gap in the kitchen that we have and in which they are compatible, whereas the integrable ones, as their name suggests, are fully integrated into a piece of kitchen furniture while respecting its aesthetics, so the specific hole in which we are going to install one of these devices must be taken into consideration in advance.