Dishwasher symbols: some of the most important

We will discuss the dishwashing symbols that you should be familiar with in order to ensure that you do not overlook the utility of any of your appliance's functions. Consequently, we will no longer be hesitant while replenishing the salt tank, and the sirens will not sound if the tap sign flashes, as we have done before.


Dishwasher salt symbol


Using dishwasher salt accomplishes two very particular tasks: keeping limescale from contaminating your dishes and becoming entrenched in the appliance's internal components. I mean, it plays an extremely significant part. You don't even have to seek for any special symbols to know how to put it on: you just remove the lid of the tank (which is located at the bottom near to the filter or the spray arm) and pour the liquid into the tank with the assistance of a funnel.

Keep in mind that the optimal time to add the salt to the dishwasher is just before the wash cycle you want to run. It is used in this manner to remove any residual salt that may have remained outside of the tank after it has been filled. It is critical to remember that we are dealing with a corrosive substance, and it should only be used in the place allotted for it.


Dishwasher rinse aid symbol

While salt is essential for sparkling dishes and glasses, rinse aid is equally crucial for ensuring that they dry more quickly after they have been cleaned. It is in charge of making sure that there aren't too many droplets on them when you open the door to put everything back where it belongs again.


Dishwasher brush icon


It is not necessary to be concerned with the symbol of the dishwashing brush in principle. This light's job is to flash when the appliance is turned on and stay fixed during the operation of the program to signal that it is in the process of washing. When it's completed, it shuts off, so you'll know you're free to go through the door.


Dishwasher faucet icon

Whenever you switch on or off your dishwasher, you may notice that the water tap symbol illuminates or flashes on your electronic display, which indicates that there is a problem with the water supply and that the water is not entering the appliance properly. Is it necessary to set off all of the alarms? In theory, no, since there are certain issues that you can resolve on your own without the need for a specialist to visit you at your home or office.


Dishwasher safe symbol


Just a few products cannot be machine washed these days, but there are some exceptions. Always check for the dishwasher-safe mark on your containers or crockery to prevent any misunderstandings.