Do you know the differences between a blast chiller and a freezer?

When starting a hotel or restaurant company, business owners often find themselves unsure of whether it would be more beneficial to invest in a temperature mixer or a freezer. Both choices are excellent; but, the use of a blast chiller may reduce the likelihood that germs in food will grow as a result of the quick freezing process.


There is no question that a freezer is an excellent option for the long-term preservation of food. However, cooling must occur prior to the freezing process in order for it to be successful. However, if you are unsure about which option is the most suitable for you, the distinctions between the available options as well as our top suggestions are outlined in this post.


What is a blast chiller?


This technology for preserving food not only lengthens its shelf life but also enables considerably more rapid cooling. As a result, this product can attain the consistency and juicy quality of food that has just been prepared.


They have fans that are highly strong, which is one of the primary benefits that they have. Because of this, air can circulate even when the temperature is quite low. They have been known to drop below -18 degrees Celsius on rare instances.


Because of the variety of sizes available, we can also ensure that the product will be simple to handle. This option maintains the food and all of its organoleptic features in excellent shape, which helps to reduce the number of germs that may grow on it. Even after the process of churning has been completed, the food may be maintained and preserved by being kept in a freezer.


What is a freezer?


If we want to save food for an extended period of time, the freezer is an excellent option for us to consider. This kind of home appliance is often distinguished by its powerful performance as well as its size and proportions.

The installation of a freezer cabinet in the kitchen should be a high priority for every establishment that operates as a restaurant. In point of fact, there are versions designed specifically for professional usage that can achieve temperatures ranging from -10 degrees Celsius to -25 degrees Celsius.

Because of this, a freezer cabinet is an excellent alternative for properly preserving food and preventing it from losing any of its qualities over time. Because, as is well known to all of us, there is a wide variety in the size of kitchens, the various manufacturers not only provide the most recent technological advances, but they also provide models with a variety of different dimensions.


The main differences between a blast chiller and a freezer cabinet


Following that, we will discuss the key distinctions that exist between a blast chiller and a freezer. The requirements of the company should serve as the primary consideration while making this decision:

  • First and foremost, both of these solutions provide a freezing system; nevertheless, the blast chiller rapidly decreases the temperature of the product. The procedure in the freezer is a little slower.
  • Some individuals choose a blast chiller because it ensures food safety. If we consider safety and sanitary regulations, this is undeniably a growing source of worry in kitchens.
  • During the freezing process, a blast chiller prevents ice crystals from forming. This is normal when in the freezer. However, in both cases, the food's properties are kept without being harmed.
  • To sum up, a kitchen should have the greatest equipment available in order to do a decent job. The blast chiller provides for careful planning when it comes to food preparation and preservation. The freezer cabinet, on the other hand, is great for keeping larger amounts of food.