Does the dishwasher not dry the dishes?

As a rule, when we have to deal with these sorts of difficulties, we usually suggest the same thing: don't set your alarms too early! In the particular instance discussed in this article, if the dishwasher does not dry properly, this does not necessarily imply a significant issue.


Why won't the dishwasher dry?


As we previously said, drawing a clear conclusion that your dishwasher does not dry the dishes is a severe malfunction. In addition, even though it is possible to arise in certain circumstances, the remedy is usually straightforward, leading us to believe that the problem was not very serious. For instance, it often does not dry because you are not using rinse aid or the settings are not correctly calibrated.

For the time being, we'll go over these things in more depth, but first, do you know how to dry a dishwasher properly? We will explain how it does this: it does it by condensation. Water vapor stored in the air condenses on the inner walls, slides off them, and expels the drain pump. Consequently, we have previously informed you that it is unavoidable, for example, that there will be water droplets on the tubs inside and the door or the storage baskets.


What to do when a dishwasher does not dry the dishes?


Let's start with the most straightforward question: is the plastic tableware still wet? In this scenario, nothing can be done or practically nothing that can be done (wait until we get to the end). Plastic has a reduced capacity for heat buildup and, as a result, dries faster than other materials.

  • Is it evident that the dishwasher does not dry the dishes? The most straightforward answer may be found in the rinse assistance. Check to see that the tank is adequately topped up and make any required adjustments.
  • Alternatively, the program you have selected may have a drying phase that is much too short. Logically, this is not a problem; we need to choose the appropriate program: either the intensity or the ECO programs have a reasonably strong phase.
  • Make a suitable arrangement of the crockery! It is irreversible that the water will collect in the pieces if they are left tilted or even upside down for any length of time.
  • Check the detergent that you are now using. The product may not have good drying characteristics, or it may need rinse aid.
  • First, check sure you are not making any simple errors, such as removing the dishes too soon. (we recommend waiting half an hour after the cycle has ended) or not opening—the dishwasher door before concluding that the dishwasher is not drying at the end of the process.


Dry+ function for more intense drying


Were you looking for information about drying because you're a fussy person and ended up reading this article? It is excellent because we have one more thing to tell you: the Dry+ Function delivers a tremendous amount of drying power. It does this as a result of the rise in temperature during the final rinse and throughout the drying process.