How To Clean A Smelly Washer (And Keep It Smelling Fresh)

Have you ever wondered why after taking your clothes out of the washing machine, you notice that they come out with a strange smell? Or why when you open your washing machine to do a new wash, it smells musty?

Contrary to what many may think, the washing machine is one of the appliances that can accumulate the most dirt because it is exposed to moisture all the time. For this reason, you must carry out a correct cleaning to eliminate bacteria, mold, and germs that could end up in your clothes and that generate a bad smell. In this article, we teach you how to clean your washing machine with simple and homemade elements.


What do you need to remove the bad smell from your washing machine?


To disinfect your washing machine and remove the bad smell, you will need 500 grams of baking soda and 1 liter of white vinegar.

The procedure is quite simple since you only need to fill the washing machine to its maximum level of water, add baking soda, vinegar and put it to wash in the strongest washing function it has, if your washing machine has the drum cleaning option, you can use that function in this process, otherwise you must be careful to repeat the washing cycle at least twice with the aforementioned mixture and leave it in your washing machine for at least 15 minutes between washes.

While you do this process, you will notice the water is a little cloudy. This is because when baking soda is mixed with vinegar, the acid breaks down the baking soda, releasing carbon dioxide gas that can help remove the detergent buildup that sticks inside. of the drum, in addition to helping you to clean a little the dirt that accumulates inside and that generates those bad smells.


How often should this process be done?


Now, this cleaning should be done at least once a month, with this you will help eliminate mold and germs that accumulate in each wash, if at the end of this process you notice that there is dirt left inside your washing machine then it will be necessary perform a deeper cleaning because although this procedure helps you remove bad odors, it will not completely eliminate the dirt that accumulates inside your washing machine and that in the end can end up on your clothes as detergent or fabric softener residue stains.

To carry out deep cleaning of your washing machine, it is essential that you go to a professional who can remove the tank of the washing machine to carry out a manual wash that, in addition to removing the bad smell, will help you remove all the mud deposits that accumulate inside and thereby prolonging the proper functioning of the appliance.


How often should a deep cleaning of the washing machine be done?


It is important that you go to a professional to help you maintain your washing machine at least once a year; since in each wash, residue accumulates that will gradually degrade the internal components of our washing machine. Causing serious failures to be generated in the future.