How to clean and defrost the freezer?

To clean the freezer when it is out of ice, it can be cleaned with a mixture of water and baking soda. This soft paste is used to clean the interior, then wiped dry with a clean cloth. Bicarbonate has the function of absorbing odors and removing food remains. Also, the freezer drawers are washed with soap and water, preferably with lukewarm water.

Cleaning can be a bit tedious for some people, and in reality, it is absolutely necessary to do it constantly. When it comes to cleaning the freezer or the refrigerator, some will feel discouraged because it is tedious. It should be noted that cleaning will guarantee durability, more space for food, and maintain their quality.

It is likely that many need to do this cleaning, but are unaware of the procedure. Although others consider that it is very simple and intuitive due to the structure of the freezer, you have to know how to clean it. This will avoid risks, damages, or breakdowns in the device.

Another important factor is if the family is going on a long trip, you have to make sure that there are no food items in the freezer that could go bad. So, check the expiration date, throw away opened cans, and of course, clean out the freezer.

To avoid the risk of a power outage, it is recommended not to leave vegetables, meat, or fish, not even frozen.

The freezer is considered a second home, but it is always kept closed. It is important to leave the doors open to be completely emptied and cleaned to prevent the appearance of fungi and strong odors.

As mentioned above, cleaning is intuitive, but a few basics should be considered to make this task less tiring. This article will explain some techniques, tricks, and tips to clean the freezer without applying effort and leave it as good as new.




It is still common to know what a freezer is, it is understood as an appliance to store raw food, prepared food, liquids, among others. They are kept under 0 so that it stays longer.

Basically, the freezer is kept in cold temperatures to keep the food in good condition while it is stored. That is why ice and frost are produced inside that must be cleaned or eliminated to give quality and durability to this appliance.

You can find different shapes, types, and sizes of freezers, some will be easier to clean than others. Consequently, the cleanliness is affected by different elements such as the amount of frost, the depth, the size and the amount of food stored.

It is essential to know how to clean the freezer before cleaning it for these reasons. Although this seems very simple, there are several techniques that are perfectly adapted to each model and state of the appliance. Remember that the essential thing is not to damage the freezer or the food.




Here are a few tips on how to properly clean your freezer:

  • Before cleaning begins, the freezer is turned off.
  • The freezer thermostat should be at 0 degrees.
  • In isothermal bags with ice, place the food from the freezer. You have to be very careful when taking out the food. Preferably in a cool space to keep it cold and not completely thaw.
  • Being very careful, remove the remains of frost and ice that are loose inside the freezer.
  • The elements that divide the freezer, such as drawers or grids, are carefully removed. They are washed and disinfected separately, in the sink, and individually.