How to clean the refrigerator correctly to avoid bad odors?

Remove any unpleasant smells from the refrigerator! In addition to storing meats, fruits, vegetables, and beverages in our refrigerator, we often keep culinary preparations and frequently store any leftovers that we have from the previous day in there as well. Since each of these items has the potential to produce unpleasant smells, we explain in this article how to effectively clean the refrigerator in your own house.


In the event that we do not give the interior of the refrigerator a thorough cleaning on a regular basis, the food that is left inside for an extended period of time has the potential to foster the growth of bacteria and other microorganisms, which, in turn, result in unpleasant odours and contaminate the remaining food. Follow these suggestions closely if you want to know how to maintain your refrigerator in pristine condition.


How to clean the refrigerator at home?


If you notice that your refrigerator has an unpleasant odour, it is time to give the inside a comprehensive cleaning, and in order to do so, you will need to follow these steps:


Unplug and empty the refrigerator.

Before beginning the in-depth cleaning of the refrigerator, it is necessary first to detach it from the electrical outlet and then take out all of the food that is currently stored within until it is completely devoid of any food.


Remove interior shelves and drawers.


When we have finished clearing out the refrigerator, the trays, drawers, and other sections included inside it need to be removed gently and cleaned using a wet cloth.


Use proper cleaning utensils.

When cleaning the refrigerator, they must use appropriate utensils such as plastic gloves, rags, or sponges. It is crucial that they do this. You should also steer clear of utilising any chemical items that have the potential to imbed themselves into the surfaces.


Prepare a mixture of water and baking soda.

As was indicated in the preceding bullet point, you must abstain from using any items that include chemicals. It is recommended to use a solution consisting of warm water and baking soda in an equal ratio of both components while cleaning the inside of the refrigerator. This solution should be mixed together.


Apply the cleaning mixture with a sponge.


Using a moist cloth or sponge, rub the baking soda and warm water mixture all over the shelves, drawers, and surfaces that are located within the refrigerator. If you notice a difficult stain to remove, try applying a paste made of baking soda and vinegar to it, letting it set for five minutes, and then rinsing it out with warm water.


Rinse and let the inside of the fridge dry.

After you have finished rubbing the mixture into the whole inside of the refrigerator, rinse the surfaces with the assistance of another moist towel, and then allow them to air dry.


Replace shelves and drawers.


When the inside of the refrigerator has been thoroughly cleaned and dried, you may replace the shelves, drawers, and other compartments. Before you can put them back, they need to be completely dry, of course.


Plug in the fridge before placing food.

It is required to connect the appliance to the outlet a few minutes in advance, before placing the food back in the refrigerator, in order for the food to achieve the appropriate temperature within the appliance.