How to leave the refrigerator and dishwasher on vacation?

Christmas, summertime, and Easter are just a few examples. There are several occasions when we say the magic words throughout the year: "I'm going on vacation!" On those amazing days when you can relax your body and mind, you must make every effort to avoid worrying. And, of course, this covers all of your appliances. Do you have it on your to-do list to put them in a vacation mood before you pack their belongings? If you haven't already, we urge you to do so and provide you with some general guidance. Take reasonable notice of this!


Fridge holiday mode activated.


Is it necessary to switch off the refrigerator while on vacation? It all depends on how long you want to stay away from your loved ones. Even if the time is going to be somewhat lengthy, it is still convenient to do the task in this manner. However, keep in mind that you will need to thoroughly clean it, ensure that no food is left inside, and keep the doors open. As a result, you will find it in pristine shape when you return.

If your absence lasts for a usual amount of time between the dates stated at the outset, we recommend that you make the most of the vacation mode on your refrigerator by turning it on. When this feature is triggered, the refrigerator compartment's energy conservation mode is activated, and the temperature is reduced to 14 degrees Celsius to reduce usage. It means that you will not be allowed to keep food in the refrigerator section during this time.

What about the freezer, you ask? The fact that vacation mode is on has absolutely no impact on you. Because the temperature does not fluctuate, you may bring some food with you to eat when you get here to restore your energy.


How to leave the dishwasher on vacation?


So, now we know how to leave the unattended refrigerator while on vacation, ensuring that we do not devour all that would typically be necessary during our absence. It's time to take a look at another piece of equipment: the dishwasher. Furthermore, it is easy to get disoriented when packing, verifying that everything in the vehicle is excellent, or leaving at the right moment to ensure that you do not miss a flight because of the excitement of the occasion. However, although it is not life-threatening, you will probably have to deal with the usually unpleasant awful odors upon your return.

The lack of a dedicated "vacation mode" for this appliance makes it as easy as following the procedures outlined below to prevent problems:

  • Leave it empty.
  • Profit from your departure to employ the unique Cleaning Plus Program for the tank. It requires a clean dishwasher, a detergent tablet, and a specialized product. It works in two phases: first, it cleans the dishwashing tub and internal circuits that come into touch with water and then tends the food. It is meant to reactivate the appliance after a period of inactivity.
  • Finally, inspect the filters for debris.


And the washing machine?


So, with the washing machine, we'll use this chance to offer you the same advice we gave you with the dishwasher: empty the inside, clean with the appropriate program, and check to make sure there's nothing left in the filters. As you can see, holidays provide the ideal opportunity to do a little maintenance check.