How to make ready Air Conditioner for Hot season


With the weather heating up and summertime approaching, it's time to get serious about your air- conditioning system. When you turn on your window air conditioner, remember to read advice to get the most out of it in the near term.

  • It's crucial to check your air conditioner prior to switching it on if it remains in your window throughout the year.
  • Check the coils on the front of the unit for debris or accumulation; if they are blocked, they may have to be properly serviced.
  • If you notice any rubbish, bugs, or bird nesting outdoors, gently remove them.
  • You must repair your room’s air conditioner well before summertime and also before storing it for the winter.
  • To begin, switch off the air conditioner and unhook it from the outlet. Clean off the grill and casing with fresh water and a little soap and a damp washcloth or sponge. Modify the knobs and wash away any apparent dirt or grime with a soft cloth.
  • Before starting a new campaign, replace your air filter (typically situated beneath the front grille) and at minimum every 30 days while being in operation.
  • If you've taken the house air conditioner out of the windows, make sure you follow the recommendations in your Use and Care handbook to reinstall it.
  • Comply with the aforementioned cleaning and installation methods will provide you with peace of mind and optimum conditioning for months and years to come.