How to organize your fridge?



It's hypnotic to see a color-coordinated and organized refrigerator. An organized refrigerator also saves time and money. If you know what is inside, foodstuffs and meals become more efficient and have fewer food wastes and unpleasant smells.

To begin with, experts advise prioritization of the foods that are most used. Categorize objects into groups and set them in simple containers to ensure a more consistent look. You can find the rest: stock up on various storage solutions to help battle the rolling cans, the overflowing snack drawers, and the growing stash of your wine. 

Think what makes the most sense for you and the food itself- when placing items on shelves. The majority keeps the milk on the top of the rack and/or in the door, but it must go to the back of the rack where it's coldest. The same thing is for eggs: keep eggs with more stable temperatures in their initial cartons on middle or top shelves. For condiments, butter, soft cheeses, and processed juices reserve the fridge door.

Stick your go-to snacks at eye level if you have little children, so they can take them without messing up. You may reserve some particular bin for each child or throw all the snacks at a single location because it is said that sharing is caring. 

You should rotate the old products on the front if you buy anything new — for example, fresh gallon milk — to use them before the expiration date. Keep an eye on the remains: you should toss the fish after one to two days, two to three days meat, and five to seven days vegetables or grains. 

You may consider buying baskets that can stick to the side of your refrigerator having suction cups. They are a good choice to place small objects in the refrigerator that might otherwise be lost. String cheese, small cups of coffee, premade lunch meat, or cheese roll ups can, for instance, be put in them! Stick the panel to the inside of your cooler.

In your crisper drawers, you can also use dividers which are usually used for clothing drawers! Only purchase the adjustable form and arrange it as you like. It is better to group greens such as lettuce and spinach, onions, garlic and ginger, and carrots and snap peas in a different one!

To maintain organization in a superior manner, maintain a sticker or magnetic signature on the outside of the divisor as objects in each door divisor. Examples of such products include sauces (hot sauce, soy sauce ...) or specialty products (olives, pesto, and tapenade) and sandwiches (mayonnaise, mustard, relish, ketchup).

Some of the unpleasant places to clean in your fridge can be your crisper drawers. Before you fill them with fruits and vegetables, keep them cleaner, more by putting a layer of paper towels on the bottom of the drawers. The towels will catch little fragments that appear to fall off over time of broccoli or onion peeling. It would be good to replace them by making cleaning a breeze every two weeks.