How to remove scratches from your ceramic or induction hob

It is essential to understand that induction hobs (and ceramic hobs, for that matter) may be scratched if they are not used and cleaned with great care and attention. Although the glass on the surface of both appliances is very durable, this does not mean that they are immune to the need for regular maintenance. Keeping your home free of unnecessary harm is as easy as cleaning it according to the guidelines we will provide you. If, on the other hand, your issue is that the plate has already been scratched, we will also provide you with a proposal in this case.


Do a good cleaning after each use.


After each use, cleaning your induction hob or any ceramic hob is the most effective means of avoiding having to worry about mending scratches. Balay ceramic hobs are available in various colors (never abrasive products). The scraper is an excellent buddy to have at your side at all times, especially for those food leftovers that are a little more defiant. Please keep in mind that not just any knife will do when you want to prevent precisely-unwanted scrapes on your work surface. The ideal situation would be to have a model that can be used with any plate.

Your dear buddy and I are always prepared to provide suggestions to make this sort of procedure as easy and as quick as possible. You are already aware of this. Take note of these cleaning instructions to keep your induction hob in safe working order, and keep in mind that this additional advice will come in handy if you have a ceramic hob in your kitchen.


How to remove scratches from the ceramic hob or induction hob?


To prevent scratching a plate, we recommend that it is important to exercise extra caution during maintenance and always use specialized cookware. As a result, it will be tough to complete. Why do we place such a strong emphasis on prevention? It is because once the streaks have developed, there are no practical means to reverse the situation. No, not even the handmade methods circulating on the Internet are effective in this situation. It is feasible to find a solution for superficial blemishes, but actual scratches, likely to cause you concern, are more challenging to eliminate.


Can a deep scratch on the ceramic hob be repaired?


To say that you will repair a crack in a ceramic or induction stove is a tremendous understatement. Deep scratches are no longer amenable to home remedies and instead need the assistance of an expert from the Official Technical Service. They will determine what has occurred and whether or not there is a more or less straightforward remedy.