How to save when doing laundry: 6 amazing tips!

Saving is increasingly important, and adopting practices to do a conscious washing at home can make a big difference at the end of the month. Here's how to save when washing clothes without wasting water and energy:


Accumulate the laundry to the maximum capacity of the washing machine


But if you really need to wash a little, don't forget to adjust the water level. Prefer the shortest cycle, which is usually sufficient, except for heavily soiled clothes.


Keep the machine's filter clean regularly improves efficiency

If the machine is clean, it is not necessary to use more soap than indicated. Excess will not make clothes cleaner, rinsing will be more difficult and energy will be wasted.


If your washing machine has a water saving mode, use it


If not, collect the final rinse water in the top opening machine by directing the outlet tube into a bucket. Pour the water back into the machine before starting the next wash, or use it to wash your car, garage, yard, or irrigate plants.


Look for the most efficient models

Washers are rated for energy efficiency. Choose a washing machine with a capacity that suits your needs. If your family is large, opt for a larger machine. Multiple washes on a smaller capacity machine will consume more energy and water. Prefer to use cold water, as 80% of the energy needed for a hot water wash is used only in heating the water. Check the amount of water the machine uses in each wash cycle – the fewer liters spent, the better. Look for models that allow adjustment of the water level to the size of the load. As an option, look for models that indicate or allow the configuration of the load (weight).


Pay attention to what the ideal washing machine should have:


  • Variable temperature control – allows the use of cold water;
  • Load sensing or a reduced load feature – reduces water consumption;
  • Variety of wash cycles for different fabrics – preserves clothes;
  • High rotation speed (front opening model) – reduces drying time;
  • Features such as permanent pressure cycles or agitation or rinse and spin extension functions reduce the need to iron parts;



Choose machines with front opening

Finally, the last tip on how to save when washing clothes is choosing the type of machine. Top-loading washers wash faster. However, front-loading machines are more economical in the long run because they use less water – an efficient model can consume 100 liters less per wash than an inefficient top-loader, consume 40% less energy, and half as much soap, and wash more gently, making clothes last longer.