Measurements of induction hobs: let's talk about different options.

We have already informed you in advance so that you do not get the impression that selecting your future induction hob will be difficult. If you are familiar with several fundamental components of its characteristics, the process will be much more straightforward than it first seems. We are convinced that being precise about the measurements of induction hobs is the first and most significant piece of information to get and evaluate. And it is for this reason we come across them in this post!


The measurements of the induction plates


Allow us to move on to the most technical feature of the induction hob you have searched. The dimensions of an induction hob vary from 60 cm wide (the most common) to 90 cm broad plates, which may be customized to suit your countertop like a glove if you have the necessary space.


But let's take a closer look at all the options:

60 cm induction hobs

The 60 cm broad induction plates should always be used as a starting point when comparing the measurements of the various induction plates. The explanation for this is straightforward: these are the measurements that have historically been used in countertops in our country. The most frequent configuration is that they have three cooking zones; however, they have also grown significantly: this black hob, for example, features a vast 28 cm zone and a Flex Induction zone.

Do you want it with Flex Total Induction, or without it at all? Think about how beautiful this anthracite gray plate would appear in your kitchen.


70 cm wide induction hobs


Have you ever wished you could have a little bigger stovetop, but the gap in your countertop prevented you from doing so? There aren't any issues! Once again, we have a solution that will meet your requirements: Plates like this one, which is 70 cm wide, fit easily into a gap of 60 cm without the need for any alterations or adjustments. That additional 10 cm you were seeking to add a distinctive touch to your kitchen is now on your own.


80 cm wide induction hobs

They are more significant than typical, which provides a broader surface area for cooking and preparing your meals than usual. As a result, you'll be able to extract far more out of it. There are possibilities for every taste among the 80 cm broad plates, including Total Flex Induction. You don't have to bother about the containers. 28 cm zone Plus Flex Induction or receptacles with four cooking zones are the options you may choose. They are perfectly adaptable to your daily routine!


90 cm wide induction hobs

90% induction hobs are designated for huge hobs where just one thing is intended: to allow you to feel the complete flexibility of cooking your way. Can you imagine having five different cooking zones at your disposal? The amount of time you will save will be astounding. If you already have a significant additional zone of 32 cm in addition to two Flex Induction zones on the sides, you will be entering a whole new realm of possibilities.