Self-Cleaning vs. Steam Cleaning Ovens

A self-cleaning oven is a type of oven that cleans itself. It uses a heating element to heat the oven's interior while circulating heated air throughout the oven and then through a filter that removes grease, food particles, and other contaminants. Steam cleaning is a method used to clean grout, tile, or other hard surfaces with water vapor. Steam cleaning is also known as dry mopping. Hot water is sprayed onto floors or walls to loosen dirt and grime before it dries on surfaces in steam cleaning.


How does steam cleaning work in an oven?


Cleaning is based on the evaporation of water. This is just a guide, since each oven is different, and you must follow the steps indicated by the manufacturer in the instruction book for your oven, since they may vary depending on the brand, but in general, they are the following.

  1. Completely empty the oven. Remove all pull-out runners, trays, and racks, and side runners.
  2. Pour the amount of water indicated in the instructions on the base of the oven. Some brands tell you to add the soap you normally use to clean dishes, but other brands tell you to just apply water, since the oven has a special coating. Do not use more products than specified in the instructions.
  3. Put the steam cleaning function on the selector. In general, it is usually a pictogram with a few drops of water. Follow the steps of your oven, some are automatic and in others, you have to select the temperature, which is usually around 270 ºC or the one indicated by the manufacturer.
  4. If necessary, indicate the time. This process usually takes between 4 and 24 minutes.
  5. Once the time is up, open the door carefully, the steam could cause burns. Air it out a bit until it cools down. I advise you not to wait for it to cool down completely, because it will be easier to remove the dirt if it is a little warm.
  6. Steam cleaning is very eco -friendly , with low electricity consumption and is quite fast, but it is also less thorough than pyrolysis cleaning. Therefore, we advise you to use it every time you use the oven, so that the dirt will not be embedded and you will be able to remove it very easily.