Should You Choose a Front Load or Top Load Washer?

If you are thinking of buying a front or top loading washing machine and you have doubts, in this article we will explain the differences between them and which is the most suitable type when purchasing one depending on your personal needs.


Advantages and disadvantages of top or front loading washing machines


Everyone knows that the washing machine is an appliance that we use daily at home. Therefore, we advise you to read very well the characteristics of the articles that interest you the most to make a successful choice. Think that, currently, you even have the possibility of buying these devices in online stores without having to go to physical stores, and it is convenient to surf the net to know the benefits of each item.

First of all, we must recommend that, within your possibilities, you are inclined to choose a device with lower energy consumption even if it has a higher price. Between one that has an A+++ rating, which will be the most efficient, and another with a D rating, which is the one that offers the least performance, you can have up to a 40% difference in electricity and water consumption . In addition, the less energy it needs to work, the more you will be helping the environment.

Now, in relation to the issue of choosing between a top-loading or a front-loading washing machine, there are several particular characteristics that you should know to make a personal analysis and determine which one is best for you.


The main difference is in the door layout. The top-loading ones include it at the top, being essential that the surface is clear so that it does not affect the operation, and you can enter the clothes comfortably and without clutter in the middle.


However, front-loaders can be installed under a cabinet or in a column with the dryer because the door faces you, leaving the entire top clear. In this case, you can place, on the surface, clothes pegs or some lightweight item.


In a front-loading washing machine, the drum is filled with water and soap to mix with the clothes, and it will rotate, causing all the elements to combine, in the same way, inside it. On the other hand, in top-loading washing machines, agitators are included, in the form of a post in the center, which produce a whirlwind effect inside the drum.

Possibly this type is the one you saw in your home as a child because that was the first model that came onto the market. Although in the past, the top-loading models needed to fill the drum to the maximum to proceed with the wash, currently the most innovative designs include a detector to adapt the water consumption to the load you deposit.


Another clear difference is the type of revolutions used to perform the wash cycle. The front-loading ones work at more revolutions per minute, achieving shorter washing times and consuming less. As a disadvantage, it should be noted that they vibrate more in the spin, precisely because they offer those high revolutions.

The top-loading ones are quieter and include more programs to select the type of fabric because they are suitable for washing any garment, regardless of the material with which it is made.


Which one to choose when buying one?


To determine what type of washing machine is best for you, you should take your time and study the use you are going to give it, the area where it is located to determine the quality of the water, and your personal needs.

The first thing you have to do is study the space where you are going to place the washing machine. The superior ones are more compact and, therefore, if you have little space, we recommend that you opt for this type of appliance.

If you have many at home, perhaps it would be convenient for you to lean towards the front ones because they admit more kilos of load to wash. These can support up to 9 kg, unlike the 7 kg that the superior ones' 7 kg.

If you have back problems and it is difficult for you to bend over, we advise you to opt for a top-loading one because it will be easier for you to insert the clothes into the drum. Therefore, we also recommend this model if you are a person with mobility problems or elderly.

Top-loading washing machines are cheaper, and their performance is similar to that of a front-loading one. Also, if you have to wash thick fabrics such as curtains, bedspreads, or quilts, this type of product is the most recommended, leaving your clothes spotless.

In conclusion, choosing a top or front loading washing machine will be up to you, but we hope that it will be easier for you to make your choice after reading this article.