Steam oven: how does it work?

The steam oven is a relative innovation, first appearing in the 1990s. Although sort of oven was originally intended for use in a professional setting, there is now a steam oven available for purchase on the market for the house.


What is a steam oven, and how does it work?


Water injects into the furnace chamber. Either via the boiler or directly into the furnace chamber in this furnace. Steaming considerable amounts of food with this appliance is simple and effective. It is often used mainly for vegetables, and it is cooked at a temperature of 100 ° C to ensure that the color and taste remain constant.


In addition to being nutritious, steam cooking preserves the nutritional characteristics of vegetables. It is particularly beneficial in the case of meat and fish to maintain the raw material flexibility and avoid a significant weight loss during the cooking process. As a result, the professional steam oven is more widely used than the home steam oven.


To make use of this oven, you'll require perforated trays that are more or less high in height. It prevents water from collecting in the pan by overcooking just the portion of the food that comes into touch with it.


For this sort of oven to function well at a higher temperature, it is necessary to have a boiler installed so that the range does not lose temperature when cold water injects or there is not enough steam in the chamber while the oven is operating. In this situation, a steam convection oven, also known as a combi oven, is highly recommended.


Once upon a time, it was solely a steam oven with all due respect. Ranges are now very universally integrated, both in the home and workplace.