The Most interesting features of modern refrigerators

In this article, we will not talk about well-known functions like No Frost or inverter control technology - this will not surprise anyone or even puzzle anyone, everything is more or less clear anyway. But intelligent control, double doors, and tablets built into the refrigerator, along with universal cameras and a "smart" freshness zone, perhaps, require some explanation.


Refrigerators with Wi-Fi: practically media centers


The owner of such a unit can quickly find the right recipe on the Internet, literally without leaving the refrigerator, find out the news, see the weather forecast, make a list of products, or even order them in an online store - in general, do everything that a tablet is usually needed for.

Here you can also keep a calendar of food storage: you enter the time and place of the bookmark into a special program, and the system shows by what time you need to drink milk or finish eating sausage, until a new life is born in them. HD cameras inside the unit are interesting, which take a picture when the door is closed, and already in the store, the user can see through the application which products it has run out of.


Intelligent control


The intelligent control system is based on sensors inside the refrigerator: they read its workload, humidity, temperature, and as a result, the unit itself regulates the operation of the compressor and fan. For example, if the user forgot to close the door, the sensor detects where the changes are taking place, and the flow of cold air is directed to the desired zone so that the temperature in it recovers faster and losses are minimal.


LG recently launched models with Door-in-Door technology, which means that a large refrigerator door has a smaller door. It leads to a compartment where you can store the products that the owner most often needs. This allows you to open the main compartment less and thus reduce energy costs - heat is not allowed inside the "large" compartment.



Water dispenser: now also soda


The water dispenser in the refrigerator is far from a new phenomenon. But the combination with the function of the machine for supplying sparkling water is already interesting. The principle of operation of the dispenser itself is similar to that of an ice maker: water either comes there from the water supply, or is poured manually through a special self-contained tank. The user can pour cold water without opening the refrigerator - there is a special design in the door.


As for carbonated water, the gas bottle is placed in the refrigerator door, and the user can even set the desired degree of gas concentration, which, you see, is convenient for soda lovers.

freshness zone

The freshness zone or "zero chambers", also known as Fresh Box, Fresh Zone, Flex Cool, hyperFresh, PerfectFresh Pro, is the area of ​​​​the refrigerator where food is kept at a temperature close to zero. Humidity in such a zone is also lowered: this way meat, fish or vegetables with fruits are not frozen, but they stay fresh longer.


Not all refrigerators are equipped with a freshness zone: the presence of a drawer for vegetables does not mean the presence of a "zero" area. By the way, more and more often this zone began to be divided into several compartments, usually "dry" and "wet" areas: higher humidity is maintained specifically for storing fruits and vegetables so that they do not dry out (90-100%).