The Top 40 inch electric ranges

Electric ranges are an essential device in any kitchen because they allow the chef to prepare a wide variety of foods accurately and simply. When selecting the best electric range, there are several aspects to consider, including the range's dimensions, capabilities, and cost. In recent years, there has been a rise in demand for electric ranges that are 40 inches in width since they provide an optimal level of both space and convenience. In the following paragraphs, we will have a closer look at some of the best electric ranges with a 40-inch cooking surface currently available on the market.






The ILVE UMDI10QNS3MGG Majestic II Series 40-Inch Freestanding Electric Induction Range is a luxury appliance handcrafted in Italy. It has a total capacity of 3.82 cu. ft., six induction cooktop components, and a smoothtop cooktop. The primary oven has a capacity of 2.3 cu. ft., a defrost function, a temperature probe, and an interior light. In addition, the range has a warming drawer, Sabbath mode, and is Star-K certified.

This electric range has modern features like induction technology, which allows for faster, more precise cooking as well as energy efficiency. It also includes a rotisserie feature for evenly cooked foods. The oven has a TFT control panel for ease of use and a sealed oven for maximum heat retention. The collection is environmentally friendly, with high-quality craftsmanship for long-lasting durability.

The ILVE UMDI10QNS3MGG Majestic II Series range is a wonderful choice for individuals who value high-quality craftsmanship and cutting-edge technology in their kitchen appliances, thanks to its sleek, modern design and innovative functionality.




The ILVE UMDI10NS3AWG is a magnificent 40-inch Majestic II series electric induction range with a large cooking area and modern features for easy cooking. The smooth top cooktop with six induction elements offers efficient and precise heating, while the 2.3 cu. ft. primary oven and warming drawer allow you to prepare many items at once. The range also has a double oven design, convection technology, and a defrost function, making it simple to prepare a variety of recipes with consistent results.

This electric induction range is handcrafted in Italy with high-quality craftsmanship and features a sleek and modern appearance that will complement any kitchen décor. The TFT oven control panel makes it simple to navigate and operate the range's settings, and the fast preheat feature ensures that the oven is ready to use in no time. This range is not only useful but also environmentally beneficial, thanks to its sealed oven and sustainability features.

Overall, the ILVE UMDI10NS3AWG is a great option for anyone searching for a high-quality electric induction range with amazing performance, durability, and elegance.




The ILVE UMDI10NS3SSG is a 40-inch freestanding electric induction range from the Majestic II Series with high-end craftsmanship and remarkable functionality. This range provides plenty of space and cooking possibilities with six components and a smooth top cooktop. It has a total capacity of 3.82 cubic feet and a primary oven capacity of 2.3 cubic feet with convection and a defrost feature. The oven also has a TFT oven control display for simple and accurate temperature adjustment. The collection is handcrafted in Italy to provide outstanding craftsmanship and quality. It has induction technology, which saves energy and cooks faster than typical electric or gas cooktops. The range also boasts a warming drawer, Sabbath mode, and an easy-to-clean sealed oven. It is also environmentally friendly and has a convenient fast preheat function. Overall, the ILVE UMDI10NS3SSG is an excellent choice for individuals seeking a high-quality electric induction range with outstanding features.




The ILVE UMDI10NS3MGG Majestic II Series 40 Inch Freestanding Electric Induction Range is a work of art combining Italian craftsmanship and cutting-edge technology. This range has 6 smooth top components and induction technology for rapid and precise heating for your cooking needs.

This range is 39.37" wide, 34.25" tall, and 26.38" deep, making it ideal for any contemporary kitchen. The size of the primary oven is 2.3 cu. ft., while the total capacity is 3.82 cu. ft. You may keep your dishes warm and ready to serve by using the warming drawer.

The ILVE UMDI10NS3MGG is meant to dazzle with its TFT oven control display, which gives you quick access to all of the culinary options. The range also has a defrost mode, which allows you to rapidly and safely thaw frozen food.

This premium electric range is manufactured in Italy from high-quality materials, assuring remarkable durability and lifespan. The sealed oven keeps your food fresh and tasty, and the convection feature assures even cooking every time.

This collection is also environmentally friendly, with sustainability being a primary priority throughout the manufacturing process. The ILVE UMDI10NS3MGG Majestic II Series 40 Inch Freestanding Electric Induction Range is ideal for sophisticated chefs who want nothing less than the best.




ILVE UMDI10QNS3SSB Majestic II Series 40 Inch Freestanding Electric Induction Range, a wonderful addition to any kitchen. Home chefs who want the best will love this range with 6 smoothtop components, induction technology, and a rotisserie.

Modern kitchens accommodate the 39.37" wide, 34.25" height, and 26.38" deep range. The total capacity is 3.82 cu. ft., and the primary oven is 2.3 cu. The warming drawer keeps dishes warm and ready to serve.

The ILVE UMDI10QNS3SSB's defrost feature, temperature probe, and inside oven light help you perfectly cook your favorite foods. The range's rapid warmup and TFT oven control panel make cooking easy.

This Italian-made electric range is durable and long-lasting. Convection and a sealed oven keep meals fresh and tasty.

Manufacturing this range prioritises sustainability. The Sabbath-friendly ILVE UMDI10QNS3SSB Majestic II Series 40 Inch Freestanding Electric Induction Range is Star-K certified. Discerning chefs choose it.



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