Washing machine won't turn on: check out 7 main reasons

Do you believe that a washing machine is one of the essential household appliances? Hand-washing garments is a time-consuming process. And, thanks to technological advancements, most houses now have a washing machine to make daily family life simpler. As a result, if the washing machine won't start, it's critical to identify the issue as soon as possible in order to extend the appliance's life.


Are you having trouble figuring out what's wrong with your washing machine? This post will review the most common causes of your washing machine not turning on. We promise that whether you wash and dry or not, your device will appear brand new! So, what are you waiting for?


Lack of electricity


When the washing machine does not turn on, the first thing to do is make sure there is power. Make sure your home's fuse or circuit breaker is turned on.


It is critical to remember to switch off the washing machine if the weather is inclement. That is, if it is pouring severely and there is lightning, or if thunderstorms are present and pose a threat to power. Only turn it back on after the current has steadied.


Defective outlet

Another thing to think about when the washing machine won't switch on is if the washing machine's outlet is operating properly. First, make sure the plug is plugged into the outlet. This might be the issue if the component is unplugged. So, connect it to a compatible outlet and replace it if it isn't.


Lid/door not properly closed


The lid of most washing machines now has a sensor that detects when it is closed. A switch is a safety feature that avoids mishaps at different stages of the washing process. However, if the component is improperly closed or damaged, this task is jeopardised, and the appliance's functionality may be harmed. It's critical to depend on washing machine repair to figure out what's wrong. As a result, you have the assistance of experts.


Defective button

Another source of your issue might be a defective power button. It is critical to get washer and dryer technical support or washing machine technical assistance if the washer button is in an improper position or has stopped operating. After all, how will the pieces be cleansed and centrifuged if one of the device's key mechanisms is broken? Keep an eye out for it.


Burnt interface board


In today's washing machines, the interface board is an essential component. It connects the selected cycle to the motor and works in conjunction with the power board, which is positioned underneath the buttons of the washing machines. If this card stops operating by accident, the issue might be due to wear and tear when the machine's buttons are pushed. Another alternative is to use extra moisture that has been collected on the premises.


Defective micro key rod

This is a metal element of the washing machine that triggers a micro switch, which is another tool. Because the washing machine begins and stops, the rod is necessary. It is worth emphasising, however, that just technical assistance is sufficient to examine the issue and provide a remedy. So, please don't attempt to tinker with the item on your own, okay?


Irregular cleaning

Your washing machine is unlikely to cease operating owing to a lack of cleaning on the inside. Even so, it's important to remember that this item has to be cleaned regularly. That's not the case, okay? The filter must be removed, washed in running water, and then replaced. The next step is to produce a vinegar and baking soda combination! Every 30 days, the washing machine should be cleaned.

So, what do you think of these pointers? We're certain that from now on, your washing machine will be treated with the utmost care! It's important to know that you won't always be able to address equipment issues.