What's wrong with my oven?

The thought of cooking in the kitchen without your oven is unfathomable. In addition, the finishing touch it provides for each dish is unparalleled. We can relate since the same thing has happened to us. Because of this, we are quite familiar with the advice that we will provide you so that you may use it for a longer time: educate yourself on how it works, and do the necessary maintenance. Continue reading if you would like to learn some tips that will help you utilise it effectively and comprehend the messages that it sends.


Read the instruction manual


"The door of the oven won't even budge!" This may be one of the factors leading you to consider getting in touch with the Official Technical Service. If you find that you need it, by all means, proceed. However, this kind of problem, along with others that are as regular as adjusting the time on your oven or discovering the reason why the fan will not turn off, may be fixed in many circumstances without the involvement of an expert. Do you have any idea what our best recommendation is on this matter? Have a read through of the user handbook. Within its pages, you will find a great value of advice, suggestions, and procedures to carry out in the event of a failure. You could even find out that there was anything you were doing incorrectly up to this point.

You don't need to worry if you can't seem to find the instruction manual for your oven since you can get it from this site. And in the event that you want further knowledge about its use, the aforementioned pointers will be of great assistance to you.


The oven does not work

To put it simply, it is a very large term. In most cases, even though it could seem to be a very easy remedy, the fact that the oven does not operate is an indication that the fuse is faulty or that there has been a disruption in the power supply.

If the issue with your oven is that it does not heat up, the DEMO mode is probably on, since this is the most probable explanation. To get rid of it, you need to momentarily separate the device from the mains power supply (switch off the fuse in the fuse box), and then within three minutes, you need to disable demo mode in the basic settings. On the other side, the procedure may either fail to begin or be halted for a variety of reasons.


I can't open the oven door


If you cannot open the door of the oven, you may examine the short list of potential causes we have provided for you just below. Before you panic and contact a specialist to fix it, there is a good chance that you can handle this little setback on your own:

May be locked with child lock. Press the key for roughly 4 seconds to turn it off.

The cleaning feature is engaged if the door cannot be opened, and a padlock symbol is shown on the screen. It cannot be opened until it has been completed.