Where yes and where not to use chlorine when washing

The purest form of chlorine may be used for either bleaching or disinfecting, but in its more common form, it can do both. Despite the fact that its capacity to remove stains has been shown to be effective over the course of many years of use, it is vital to keep a few things in mind when we use this product with our loads of laundry.

Because chlorine is a very corrosive material, even the fibres of the fabric need to be treated with the greatest care when it is being used. This is because chlorine may eat away at the fibres.

The following are some tips that might assist you in using this bleach in a manner that is secure and will not cause damage to the clothes that you have.


How to use chlorine for laundry


Bleach should never be used undiluted in a washing machine since it may badly deteriorate the clothes in the machine. If you wish to use bleach, always dilute it first. If you put bleach in the section that most washing machines provide for it, there is no need to water it down before using it since the bleach will already be diluted. If you wash your clothes by hand, then you should pay attention to the first recommendation:

  • Because hypochlorite is so powerful, it is possible for it to rip through your clothing if you use a highly concentrated version of it.
  • You should never combine bleach with ammonia or vinegar.
  • The only thing you can do if bleach gets on your clothing is to quickly wash them in water, but even then, there is no assurance that there won't be any white spots on them. If you must handle this liquid, it is recommended that you do so while wearing clothing that you will not mind as much if it becomes discoloured.
  • Please read the directions on the packaging to ensure that you are using the right ratio; do not believe that the garments will get whiter if you add more.
  • If you can, protect your hands by donning some gloves.

In many people's opinions, the smell that chlorine leaves behind on garments is unpleasant, but if you want to solve this issue, all you have to do is add fabric softener to your rinse cycle before putting your clothes in the dryer. There is already a growing supply of fabric softeners that are less harmful to the environment. Naturally, we make it clear that you shouldn't use both items at the same time, but rather in separate water loads for each product.

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