Your Guide to Buying a Washer and Dryer

It is perfect if you are short of space or it rains a lot in your area. In addition, the new models are much more efficient. We tell you everything about this appliance (also where to buy it)




There are more and more appliances that unify functions, make our lives easier, and, in addition, save space. An example is washer dryers. It is a hybrid that brings together a washer and dryer in a single appliance, making it the perfect ally for small homes in areas with high ambient humidity.

These appliances first wash the clothes and then use steam to dry them. In fact, they are becoming more efficient. They are gilded with a heat pump, which enables them to carry out a special drying that is done by a condenser, and the cooling is done by an evaporator, giving a drying performance that is up to 3 times more optimal.




  • They save space by giving the option of dispensing with one of the devices.
  • It is a gadget that takes up little space and saves a lot of time. In fact, its great advantage is that it can be programmed so that it washes the clothes first and then dries them, without the need to empty one and put the clothes in the other. You can wash and dry your clothes in a single cycle and with the best results.
  • The washer-dryers can be used for one or another function. In other words, they can be programmed either to carry out their functions as a washing machine or a dryer indistinctly.




  • Washer dryers support a lower load in drying than in washing. For example, a model with a drum for a 6 kg load in the laundry cycle will only allow 4 kg in the dry cycle. Thus, if you want to use the complete program, you will have to give up filling its load.
  • Another of the drawbacks of washer-dryers is their energy consumption, and the combination of both functions makes consumption higher, although they are becoming more efficient.
  • Its final price, is conditioned by both the load and its efficiency, which will also increase the more functions it incorporates and the more efficient it is.
  • The drying programs are longer than in conventional dryers.




You should look at several factors before buying a washer dryer. These are the characteristics that you have to take into account before buying one.

  • Front or top loading. The former are very suitable if they go under a counter, but if it is located in a place where the door cannot be opened, a top-loading one is better (they have a lower capacity).
  • Capacity: the smallest have a drum for about 6 kg of load capacity, but there are larger ones, with a capacity of up to 10 kilos.
  • The revolutions: keep in mind that the device's more revolutions the device has, the less it will take, but the noise will be greater. If you are wondering which is the quietest washer dryer, check its revolutions before deciding.
  • Energy rating: although washer-dryers are known for their high consumption, the new models are increasingly more efficient. So, take a good look when choosing your washer dryer and select one with a high energy rating. Also, note that energy certifications may not match depending on function, washer or dryer. Although its price will increase, you will amortize it in a couple of years.
  • Extra functions: there are washer dryers with more programs or even Wi-Fi control, increasing their price.
  • Integrated or free-standing washer-dryers: The integrable are those that are adapted inside the cabinets so that they can be paneled. On the other hand, the free installation ones can be placed anywhere.



It depends. The truth is that it is a very useful appliance in houses where there is a lack of space and, furthermore, either there is no place to hang clothes or the ambient humidity is very high, and the clothes take a long time to dry. But if you have enough space, it is better to choose a separate dryer and washing machine.