Fulgor 24'' Single Wall Oven With 1 Oven Rack Convection 1.2 cu. ft.


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Product Overview

A premium kitchen is not complete without a combi speed oven. Microwave, bake, broil, or combine any of the cooking modes to enjoy the benefits of speed cooking. Do this without compromising the look of your Distinto built-in appliances.


3 in 1 Oven:
Microwave, Convection, and Combi
Stainless Interior with broiler
Quick Access Menu
Single Keyboard
Automatic Programs
240 V Connection
10 Combined Functions
Automatic Cooking
Pre-selected and customizable recipes
(weight, temperature, cooking time)
Microwave cooking (6 levels)
Fan assisted mode
Combined Cooking mode
Microwave and Grill mode
Defrosting by time and weight
  • Exterior Width24"
  • Width23.375"
  • Height17.75"
  • Depth21.5"
  • Cutout Width22"
  • Cutout Depth22"
  • Cutout Height17.75"
  • Weight 155 lbs