Fulgor 24'' Single Wall Steam Oven With Convection 1.2 cu. ft.


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Product Overview

Steam cooking enhances the natural flavors of food and maintains unaltered the qualities of food, especially vegetables and grains.
The combination with other functions lets you cook with traditional and multi-function modes or to add steam to make more delicate the taste of your recipes.
During the cooking cycle, an exclusive system allows to condense and recover the steam, taking it back to the water tank.
It helps to cook for a longer time than usual, without the need to open the oven door to add water.
A removable tank of 45 fl.oz is available on the right side of the oven to make it easier to fill it up with water.


12 functions
Automatic cooking with pre-selected recipes which can be customizable (weight, temperature, cooking time)
Steam system
Combined cooking functions
Steam recovery cycle
CLEAN, assisted cleaning cycle for oven interior and steam circuit
Control panel with touch controls
Magnetic water filter
Stainless steel interior
Internal lighting
Internal capacity 1.2 cu.ft
Safety door
Door contact switch
Control panel safety function
Tangential cooling fan
Meat probe
1 micro-perforated pan with stainless steel cover
1 stainless steel tray
1 flat rack
Water tank
Power cord with plug
  • Exterior Width24"
  • Width23.375"
  • Height17.75"
  • Depth21.5"
  • Weight 55 lbs