Fulgor 30'' Single Wall Oven With 1 Oven Rack Convection 1.2 cu. ft.


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Product Overview

A premium kitchen is not complete without a combi speed oven. Microwave, bake, broil, or use any of the combination cook modes to enjoy the benefits of speed cooking. Enjoy all the benefits of our combi speed steam oven without compromising the look of your Distinto built-in appliances.


3 in 1 Oven:
Microwave, Convection, and Combi
Stainless Interior with broiler
Quick Access Menu
Dual Keyboard
Automatic Programs
240 Volt Connection
10 Combined Functions
Automatic Cooking
Pre-selected and customizable recipes
(weight, temperature, cooking time)
Microwave mode (6 levels)
Fan assisted mode
Combined Cooking mode
Microwave and Grill mode
Defrosting by time and weight
  • Exterior Width30"
  • Width29.875"
  • Height18.625"
  • Depth21"
  • Cutout Width28.375"
  • Cutout Depth22"
  • Cutout Height17.75"
  • Weight 160 lbs