Perlick Iced Coffee Dispensing Kit


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Perlick’s new accessory Iced Coffee Dispensing Kit transforms any Perlick Residential beer dispenser into a draft cold brew coffee station. The kit comes with the components you need to dispense still coffee using Nitrogen. This kit can be installed on any Perlick Residential Beer Dispenser (HP15T/HP24T/HC24T). Full installation and cleaning instructions are included in the kit.

Key Features

  • Compatible with all Perlick residential beer dispensers
  • Use any coffee or cold brew concentrate
  • Accessory keg and Nitrogen Cylinder also available


  • Keg And Nitrogen Cylinder Also Available
    An accessory 2.5 gallon standard keg (RS-25KG)  and 244 cu/in volume nitrogen cylinder (RS-NCY) are also available for purchase. Together with the RS-CDK iced coffee dispensing kit, you'll have everything  needed to convert a Perlick beer dispenser into a coffee dispenser.

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Type Dispensing Kit

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